Favorite Cams - Live Cam Guide

If you are new to adult live cams we hope this guide will help you get the most from your cam experience.

How Much Do Live Cams Cost?

Live cams are really free. I know many of you are wary of using a credit card to sign up at some sites, but very similar to iTunes or other Pay On Demand services most sites only want a credit card on file if and only if you enter well marked paid areas of their sites. You will never be charged by simply creating an account. If you find a model you like and want to cam with him or her than you will ONLY be charged when entering a clear per minute fee for the experience. The benefit is you can freely chat with live models and negotiate what you would like to see. At that point you then can choose to go "private" with a model for a set amount of money per minute. Rates are set by the models themselves and can range from 99 cents a minute and up.

By creating a basic account it allows you to browse and chat with thousands of models and once you find the one you find erotic you can then join their live shows, for a price but one clearly marked. There aren't any hidden fee's or tricks to the transaction. In closing, how much it cost's is in your hands, but a basic live cam account is really free. Of the cam sites I review the companies have been around for decades and clearly wouldn't be allowed to continue operating if there was any fraud on their part. They also have 24/7 support if you have any questions about your billing.

What Can I Expect In A Live Session?

Pretty much you can experience almost any fantasy with a live cam experience, as long as it's legal. Most cam models will clearly list their areas of expertise so if you are interested in BDSM for example you should search for cam models that specialize in that service. The best approach is to simply create an account and simply ask him or her what you would like to see. Most are very accommodating and work hard to make your cam session sexually satisfying. You have the ability to rate and comment on their service so it's in the cam models incentive to give you a good live experience.

How Do I Maximize My Live Cam Experience?

Just like in real life communication is key. Prior to going one on one with a cam model its important you clearly express what you want to see or do. Most models are very accommodating and there is no reason to be shy, trust me they have seen and heard it all. If the model fails to fulfill you fantasy it's simple to just end the session and explain the comments why you weren't satisfied.

How Can I Interact With The Cam Model?

All the live cam sites featured on Favorite Cams allow the ability to both go Cam to Cam (meaning they can see you too) as well as call them on the phone to speak to them directly.Both of these options are optional but if you're into it it's a great feature, almost like being there! For exhibitionists it's a great experience. You stream is private only to the model you are caming with so you don't have to worry about being out there on the web. It's just you and the cam model one on one.

How Do I Avoid A Scam?

Well first trust Favorite Cams recommendations. We only review and list reputable sites which have a reputation of ethical behavior and a track record to back it up. Don't be fooled by sites which don't ask for any registration information or don't request a credit card on file. I know this seems counter-intuitive, but once a live cam site begins to accept financial transactions they are held to a much higher standard both ethically and financially. I suggest avoiding those who don't. Live cams are a big business and the industry leaders in the cam community are large companies that work very hard to ensure both the models and customers will stick around for a long time by providing a premium interactive live cam interaction. It doesn't help any cam site to shoot themselves in the foot.